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Logo Contest Favourites

[Update: This had the wrong tag to get on Planet Drupal]
As others have noted, the DrupalCon Boston logo contest is closing soon, so you'd better get your votes in.

Here are my personal favourites;

  1. About 3rd as far as user-votes go, with 36 points; DB8
  2. LauraS only just submitted this one, so it's only got a few votes so far: BoSox style by Don Hajicek at pingVision

WordPress Company Raises $30 million

The late breaking news ripping through the twitter-sphere and hitting the blogosphere is that

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic and creator of open-source blogging system WordPress... raised a whopping $29.5 million in a Series B Round of funding, including a strategic investment from The New York Times Co. True Ventures led the round, which includes previous investors Polaris Ventures and Radar Ventures. (Full disclosure: both Automattic and GigaOM are backed by True Ventures.)

Matt confirmed this in his blog.

This comes at an interesting time in relation to Acquia's news of "$7 million in a Series A financing".

Favorite text editor in web browser

I spend a lot of time on the read-write web. I work on a lot of large complicated documents on the web. I often copy text from forms in my web browser to a text editor that is easy to use. I am sick of using basic text editors that web browsers have. This however is a less than ideal workflow.

I would love to have my favorite text editor embedded in my favorite web browser. Something like this:

Impossible picture on google maps

While psyching myself up for DrupalCon Boston 2008 I was browsing downtown Boston in google maps, I found this weird occurance of an accidental 'impossible picture:

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MacBook Air notes

Now I've had almost a day to recover from my yearly applegism, I thought I'd note a few highlighted thoughts on this hot new gadget. Check out my tweets starting from Wednesday 16 January NZST for a full log of my applegasmic experience.

The Ad is beautiful. I seriously admire apple's marketing team.
iPorn: MacBook Air withdrawn from brown envelope
See the Ad

Steve jobs pulled it out of an envelope at the keynote too. Very cool!
Steve Jobs taking the MacBook Air out of an envelope at the Keynote, January 15 2008
See larger image

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