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IE8 passes Acid2?

Screenshot of IE8 passing the ACID2 Face test

Dean at M$ reckons IE8 passes the ACID2 face 'test'. I'm dubious. The screen shot is convincing, but I'll believe when I've seen it with my own eyes.

Yet Another Reason Why Open Source is Fun! :)

This one is from the description of the exhibit module on It made me laugh! :)

Note: This is experimental software meant for advanced users; assume nothing works, and you may be pleasantly surprised. And when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Call for PostgreSQL developers for drupal 6

For those that don't read the development list; there has been considerable discussion recently (following Khaled's PG vs MySQL benchmarks) about improving PG support in drupal 6.

I haven't followed the whole discussion in detail (so please correct my if I'm wrong or have missed something), but it seems that for PG support to be sustained and/or improve in drupal6, more PG testers and developers with an interest in PG support are needed., online accounting, done right

Xero is another accounting application that competes with the likes of Quicken and MYOB. It isn't the first application-as-a-service in this market, but it is, IMO the best.

There are several efforts around to collect links and summaries of drupal sites. This is by far the most comprehensive I've seen so far. Sites are categorized by region and other useful terms;

I wanna go back to school

Google will pay high school kids aged 13 to 18 up to $500 for their participation in GHOP. The first round is a bit of a trial and has only ten projects involved, and Drupal is one of them! The others are;

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Joomla!
  • MoinMoin
  • Mono
  • Moodle
  • Plone
  • Python
  • SilverStripe

It is both impressive and interesting how many of them are web-content tools (CMS, web-application frameworks, wikis etc). I also need to congratulate SilverStripe, a locally-grown-and-nutured CMS. Kudos to the Wellington whanau.

Review of Drupal Contrib Themes

Dan Lennox @ emspace has gone to a lot of trouble reviewing drupal's contrib themes. This is really useful for anyone seeking a contrib theme for their client's site.

Usability in Drupal 6; 50 golden eggs need some love!

Chris Messina's (aka Factory Joe) review of drupal 6 is a big contribution to drupal usability. I have highlighted about 50 actionable issues that have been raised and/or discussed through this review. Most of them are trivial changes for drupal 6, but are key usability improvements. Many are simply improving the help text. Some are larger tasks that require more work and changes and should probably wait for drupal 7.

Listing of all Drupal modules, by KentBye

This is an interesting and probably also useful view of all contrib modules;
and images on Flickr.

KentBye is the creator of the visualise backtrace module, which also kicks arse! Go Kent!

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