IE6 DeathMarch

IE6 Death March has led the way in the movement to stop support for IE6. Help your web developers help you to save money, conserve their sanity, build better websites and make the internet a better place. With so many other great browsers available, IE6 is just not worth the effort anymore.
If you think you really need to support IE6, I have two things to say to you;

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Web Apps as Desktop Apps; Prism, Web-Runner &

With applications moving to the web, the desktop web browser is becoming more and more the center of users' attention. Consider for a moment what percentage of time you spend in Firefox or other web browsers compared to other programs or applications that run in your desktop – or use RescueTime (Yet Another Web App) to find out precisely!
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Comparison of Virtual Machines for Mac OS X; VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels, Q

This article describes briefly what Virtual Machines are, why they are useful, and compares some VM software for Mac OS X:

iTerm Upgrade Loses Preferences & Bookmarks

UPDATE: iTerm version has been released which is intended to fix this. I haven't tested it.

I just upgraded to iTerm version from on Mac OS X Leopard, and found that iTerm had forgotten or lost all of my preferences and bookmarks.

I fixed it by;

Customizing "View More" Links In Views 1 For Drupal 5

A short, quick and easy tip for views theming and customization.
To customize the text or the destination path/url of a 'view more' link in Views. Add this to template.php in your phptemplate theme and add cases.

Upgrade unlocked jail-broken first-generation iPhone to v2 iPhone firmware

My attempt to upgrade my unlocked and jail-broken first-generation iPhone were badly timed with Apple's release of version 2.0.2 firmware about 24 hours beforehand. This meant I initially couldn't use quickpwn because I couldn't restore the 2.0.1 firmware.

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