Am I a fanboy?

Apparently I'm an Apple Fanboi. Maybe I am. I don't try to be. Actually I try not to be. Maybe I'm a sucker for shiny gadgets. Worse, perhaps I'm a sucker of good marketing. In any case, I'd like apple-fanbois and critics to know that I <metaphor> keep a lifejacket under my seat in case I need to jump ship </metaphor>. By that I mean;

Applegasmic -- Hot New iPorn!

I'm having an applegism. Check out this iPorn:

iPorn: MacBook Air withdrawn from brown envelope
See the Ad

Douglas to give me £8.5m GBP?

UPDATE: Can anyone tell me why this page gets so many hits?

Good ol' 'Douglas Smith' of Prime Bank (at least the bank is real) wants to give me half of the £8.5 million pound sterling he's trying to steal from the bank:

I am an auditor for PRIME BANK London, during my last auditing I realized an unclaimed Bank Draft of 8,528,000GBP

Quote: Belt sander in the eye

This one is from a javascript file by an unknown colleague at CivicActions.

* there is a rediculous amount of stupidity going on here to deal with
* safari + ie + ff + tabs + gmaps + form data
* don't mess with this unless you enjoy a belt sander in the eye.

How to turn into Free Software supporters people who couldn't care less

The attachment is a mirror of a great article that is inaccessible and is being slashdotted.

Pagerank 5 on my blog

I just discovered I have page rank 5 on my drupal blog. Wow!

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